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The Caffeinator

Ben Lomas’ coffee-themed show ‘The Caffeinator’ is back! A massive sell out hit at this years Melbourne International Comedy Festival – is returning to Melbourne for two final nights on the 4th and…


Caffeination Episode 3 – Seattle

The third stop on the Caffeination Road Trip brings The Pancake Epidemic to Seattle, WA! Brandon visits the distribution headquarters of La Marzocco, a leading brand of quality espresso machines, chats with one…


Caffeination Episode 2 – Portland

The second stop on the Caffeination Road Trip brings The Pancake Epidemic to Portland, one of the bicycle capitals of the world and home to tons of awesome coffee roasters! Brandon Davenport visits…


Caffeination Episode 1 – San Francisco

The first stop on the Caffeination Road Trip brings us to San Francisco, one of the biggest cities in the world for coffee. We visit Blue Bottle Coffee, Four Barrel Coffee, Sight Glass…


Caffeination – The Journey Begins

What began as a simple idea to interview some unique coffee roasters in the mid west US, turned into something bigger as more and more roasters kept popping up along the way. Soon…


Toby’s Estate New Café in Flinders Lane

Toby’s Estate has opened it’s flagship cafe at 325 Flinders Lane, Melbourne. We haven’t been there yet, so we don’t know what it’s like. Perhaps we should check it out. As well as…


Huge Coffee by Diego Stocco

Diego Stocco’s miked up his coffee so you don’t have to. This is what it sounds like.

Illy Instagram Video

Illy on Instagram Video

Illy is an early adopter of Instagram video for marketing purposes. But, does that make them cool I wonder?


Favela Café by Tadashi Kawamata at Art Basel

At arguably the largest art event in the world, Japanese artist Tadashi Kawamata has occupied the Art Basel messeplatz with a favela, a neighborhood typology widespread in dense areas of Brazil and recognizable…

The Age Good Cafe Guide 2013 Feature

The Age Good Café Guide 2013

The Age Guide Good Café Guide 2013 hits the streets tomorrow. It features reviews of more than 300 cafes in Melbourne’s city and suburbs. I can’t say whether it’s any good as I…

Krimper Cafe

Krimper – Newly Opened Melbourne Laneway Cafe

Krimper is newly opened cafe at 20-24 Guildford Lane, designed and owned by Mun Soon – an architect with a passion for designing food retail spaces. The space was originally a saw mill,…

Pellegrini's Espresso Coffee Melbourne

Melbourne: Top of the Sip Parade

The Barista World Championships are coming to Melbourne, says Chris Lawrence in The Independent, and in this coffee-obsessed city, it’s easy to see why. The beans are from Colombia. There’s a taste of…

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