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Market Lane Coffee Carlton

Market Lane Pops Up in Carlton

A new addition to the Market Lane family, a little pop-up on Faraday St. Carlton. Located right next door to Baker D. Chirico, so you can grab a delicious pastry to go with…

Sea Circus Coffee Den Seminyak Bali (5)

Sea Circus – Coffee Den, Seminyak, Bali

With days of endless sunshine and balmy evenings by the pool, Bali certainly can seem a bit like paradise. But, when your thoughts turn to good coffee it’s a whole different story. That…

Coffee Fights Cancer

Professor Lyn Griffiths, the Director of the Geonomics Research Centre at Griffith University, shows that drinking 3 cups of coffee per day may help to prevent certain types of cancer and cardiovascular disease.


Tim Wendelboe

Melbourne’s coffee lovers were in for a treat at Market Lane yesterday as Tim Wendelboe shared his extensive knowledge of all things coffee. If you didn’t go, well you really missed out!


Scotts Epicurean NZ

Being in Hamilton recently for a wedding, I was curious to know if our Kiwi neighbours could live up to a Melburnians high standards? Happily, Scotts Epicurean did not disappoint.


Café Gitane NYC

Photos: Guy Lavoipierre When the shopping gets too much for you, check out Café Gitane in Soho. A great spot for a casual lunch with a French-Moroccan fusion of flavours. I was instantly…


Doma NYC

As Alice and I were staying in Grenwich Village, Doma was our local cafe. Friendly service, satisfying food, with an arty array of regulars checking photos from recent shoots on their laptops, discussing the meaning of life or just quietly reading.


Balthazar NYC

Continuing on our quest for the ultimate New York cafe, Alice and I found ourselves at Balthazar in Soho.


Pastis NYC

For those of you who checked out my previous post from New York on the Clinton St. Baking Company, you may realise by now that my girlfriend Alice and I have recently had a trip there.


Clinton St Baking Co. NYC

Guide books are all well and good, but they can never replace a recommendation from a good friend that knows the city. Thankfully an old friend spends more than his fair share of time in NYC and recommended Clinton St Baking Company.

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