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Sunbeam Cafe Series Espresso Machine EM7000

The All New Sunbeam Café Series Espresso

Sometimes I really can’t be bothered leaving the house, sad I know, but I still need great coffee. So I’ve taken it upon myself to have a look at some of the options…


Coffee Bean Supply Threatened by Global Warming

Oh no! Say it isn’t so. John Muller discusses expert’s analysis that coffee could become extinct. (Via ABC News)

The Barn – Roastery Berlin

Coffee Bar Owner Sparks Row by Banning Prams

Ralf Rüller installs stone bollard to keep prams out of cafe in Berlin. Ralf Rüller wanted to create a sacred ground for coffee connoisseurs in the heart of Berlin, somewhere devotees of the…


How To Improve Your Plunger Coffee

Thanks to Square Mile Coffee Roasters in London for sharing a few tips on how to improve your plunger coffee. Turns out making a great cup of coffee with a plunger is pretty easy. You just need a decent grinder and the added precision that a set of scales offers. They even show you how to minimise the sludge. Nice!


Movie: The Perfect Cappuccino

I thought starting a website dedicated to great cafes was a little obsessive, but you have to hand it to the Americans – they do obsession at an elite level. This a the trailer for a movie about one woman’s search for the perfect cappuccino.

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