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Le Germain – Paris

When the weather in Melbourne starts to turn really cold, I start fantasising about escaping somewhere warmer. This year I’m hoping to get to Paris.


D’espresso Cafe New York

We love the design of this tiny cafe in New York. They have taken the idea of a library and turned it on its head- literally.


Kickstand Brooklyn

I’m not sure why, but bikes and coffee seem to go together. Well thanks to the good people at Springwise trend spotting, here’s a mobile coffee service that’s community minded and environmentally sustainable. Doing good never tasted so fine!


Pop-Up Café

Adam Kalkin has transformed a shipping container into a pop-up Illy cafe. Thanks to hydraulics, this container can be shipped to a site and at the push of a button, hey presto an instant coffee bar! I’d need a little more convincing before I used the toilet or bath however.


World Barista Champion Talks

The recently crowned World Barista Champion, Michael Phillips, talks about how he got into the business and his passion for coffee.


A Bar Of Coffee

Looks like chocolate, right? Well it’s coffee. Single origin coffee roasted by small batch roasters like Extracto Coffeehouse and Roaster, Heart Roasters, Ristretto Roasters and Stumptown Coffee Roasters.

Auction Rooms Talks

A great mini documentary featuring Andrew Kelly of Auction Rooms in North Melbourne talking about specialty coffee and roasting.


Intelligentsia – Syphon

The third and final video in the Intelligentsia series, how to make syphon coffee.


Intelligentsia – Cappuccino

Another video from Intelligentsia in the U.S., this time showing how they go about making a great cappuccino.


Intelligentsia – Espresso

This is a simple and useful video from one of the U.S.A’s best roasters, Intelligentsia. A barista from their Venice coffeebar shows us a few of the things they do to deliver the perfect espresso.


Proud Mary’s 6 Group Synesso

That Nolan is one crazy kid. Here are some pics of the world’s only six group Synesso being made, courtesy of the good people at Synesso in Seattle. Crazy!


Espresso On The Go, Go

Let’s face it, there are times when, as much as you’d kill for one, a short black is probably out of the question. Like on a camping trip for example. Or during a…

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