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Caffe Vita, New York City

A quaint little space and a chilled NYC vibe, makes this Seattle based company a hit! We stumbled along Vita, while looking for a hearty Soho Sunday breakfast. This place took us by…


Philz Coffee – San Francisco

Philz Coffee is an iconic institute, in the hub of the mission- San Fran. Phil started out as a grocer, selling coffee, until coffee became high demand, and the rest as they say…


Revolver – Boutique Coffee House, Seminyak, Bali

More Bali coffee goodness. Down a small lane way in Semiyak is another little coffee gem, Revolver cafe. The standard of coffee is highly rated. An espresso, latte, or cap will hit the…


Big Espresso in Vietnam

Having just returned to Melbourne after two weeks in Vietnam, I am pleased to be sitting down at Vodka Bar having a great flat white. All though Vietnamese coffee seems to be a…

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