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Big Espresso in Vietnam - Espresso Melbourne

Big Espresso in Vietnam

Having just returned to Melbourne after two weeks in Vietnam, I am pleased to be sitting down at Vodka Bar having a great flat white.

All though Vietnamese coffee seems to be a slowly developing tourist trade, the cafes are certainly filled more with westerners than locals. Perhaps that was just the areas we were in.

With coffee machines in a large number of restaurants and cafes, most espressos have the nice crema, and perfect caffeine hit that is needed in the early mornings. Lattes are on the menu in a few places but flat whites do not seem to grace the menus as often. Cappuccino and espresso are the favourite of most.

Unfortunately a lot of places use UHT milk, which is far from the silky smooth experience of which Melbourne is accustomed to. This often results in large bubbled milk being spooned on to your cappuccino.

I was horrified to see coffee being made with a brand new three head machine. It was over extracted, the milk was burnt, and an overall lack of knowledge on how to operate it.

The coffee in Hoi An is great. The french influence in this small little quarter filled with tailors and souvinier shops is still very eminent. From the architecture down to the the perfect little plain a la chocolate from the joining patisserie to accompany my espresso.

You’ll find an average cup costing 30,000-40,000 VND ($1.30 – $1.80 ) if your are in Hoi An having clothes made, find your self a great coffee in one of these little cafes. They provide free wifi, and you may come across a copy of the Herald Sun or the Financial Review that seem to be weirdly floating around.

Further north in Hanoi having opened on the 22nd of january, 3 days before we arrived, Illy Cafe Hanoi seems to be on the forefront of coffee. We experienced, silky milk, presented in glasses styled similar to that of a martini!

Illy is located in the old quarter of Hanoi, close to the Kangaroo Cafe, which is a great little stop for Aussie travellers

This was the best milk coffee that we came across in our 2 weeks.

Coffee in Vietnam, is 100 times better than that of Bangkok. Where $5 AUS gets you a weak shot, poured into the milk that comes from what one would describe as Lindsay Lohan of the George Clooney machines.

With influences from major coffee companies like Illy, the coffee industry in Vietnam is sure to spread with an improved standard.


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