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Clinton St Baking Co. NYC - Espresso Melbourne

Clinton St Baking Co. NYC

Guide books are all well and good, but they can never replace a recommendation from a good friend that knows the city. Thankfully an old friend spends more than his fair share of time in NYC and recommended Clinton St Baking Company.
Turns out we weren’t the only ones who’d been given the word about this place, which is why we had to wait an hour in the rain for a table. Was well worth it, though. Mind-blowingly good blueberry pancakes. Alice & I decided to swap gender roles for the day and so she went down the savoury path; the eggs benedict with salmon. Maybe she still had the smoked salmon omelette from Pastis on the brain?
Considering how long we had to wait on a Tuesday in the rain, I hate to think what the weekends must be like! If you can handle the queue, don’t bother with anything else. Treat yourself to New York’s best pancakes.
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