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Pastis NYC - Espresso Melbourne

Pastis NYC

For those of you who checked out my previous post from New York on the Clinton St. Baking Company, you may realise by now that my girlfriend Alice and I have recently had a trip there.

After picking up my new compact digital camera from B&H (massive photography department store in NY selling any bit of kit you can think of) I felt compelled to to snap away at some of the better cafes we investigated.

Pastis, like Clinton St, was another recommendation from a variety of Melbourne friends. Turned out to be one of my favourites! Upon arrival, you are greeted by friendly, good looking denim clad waiters who all look like they should be modelling for Levi. If there’s room outside it’s worth grabbing a table there to sit with the cool people and watch the world go by.

The food is brilliant. I had a salmon omelette so impressive, I was compelled to go back the next morning to have another go! The most indulgent thing I could find was the full English breakfast, which as you can see worked quite well for me.
Well worth a visit if you are in the Meat Packing district.

9 Ninth Ave New York
Phone 212 929 4844

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