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Caffe Vita, New York City - Espresso Melbourne

Caffe Vita, New York City


A quaint little space and a chilled NYC vibe, makes this Seattle based company a hit!

We stumbled along Vita, while looking for a hearty Soho Sunday breakfast.

This place took us by surprise – amazing coffee!

While the are part of a bigger Seattle based company they still roast their own on premise in a store that would be a fraction smaller than Brotha Budan in Melbourne.

And coffee is exactly what they do and the boys know their stuff. Is certainly on par with melbourne coffee and they roast their own blends on-site, in a beautiful vintage Gorhol (which was found in a museum and restored) as well as a good supply from there Seattle HQ.

Check out the snippett of Vita in the Seattle Episode of Caffeination.

Caffe Vita – Lower East Side
124 Ludlow Street
New York, NY 10002 USA

Visit Vita website.

Photos: Liam Cullinane

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