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A Little Bird Told Me - Espresso Melbourne

Cafe: A Little Bird Told Me - Melbourne

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Opening Hours:
Monday to Friday 7am – 4:30pm
Seven Seeds
Pastries and cakes

I adore Melbourne – for its gargoyles perched on their gothic homes watching as I pass; for its hidden underground guarding unexpected delights and its dimly lit alleyways – plastered, tagged and stencilled. It is an intoxicating game to seek out these lost places of Melbourne and to discover the newest treasure.

My latest indulgence, A Little Bird Told Me, sits opposite an art supply store on Little La Trobe Street. This is no edgy café marked by attitude but rather exudes pared back elegance and soothes my soul. Outside the wind may be racing crazily and skies may be grey, but inside the newness of Spring greets me.

Although I know I’m in the city, A Little Bird Told Me makes me think otherwise. A wall of windows presents an unrestricted view of the leafy street trees dominating a tidy alleyway. Against one of the trunks of the trees, a bike with a wicker basket rests casually. The blues and greys of hand-painted Spanish tiles vividly invade the clean white lines of the walls. Locally made replica milking stools provide seating at remilled messmate timber tables. Relaxed tunes fill the air, and the hum of the Synesso coffee machine is easily heard over the soft buzz of voices.

A Little Bird Told Me is the vision of Caleb Heaney, originally a New Zealand coffee roaster whose move to Melbs saw him work for St Ali, Seven Seeds and Brother Buba Budan. The exquisite Scandinavian styling of the boutique café was conceived by Caleb’s partner Rebecca, a retail designer.

Caleb’s glitzy background of working with some of Melbourne’s best coffee roasters ensures he produces discerning coffee. Today I enjoy a sweetly intense long black made with Small Batch Michiti beans from Ethiopia. For those who like their coffee white, a Seven Seeds blend is offered and is prepared with biodynamic milk from the Yarra Ranges. Filter is also on offer, crafted with beans sourced from Market Lane Coffee. If tea is more your style, A Little Bird Told Me uses Storm in a Tea Cup and individually weighs and times each brew.

As I settle on my milk stool and watch small birds flit and swoop into the street trees, I feel an avalanche of stillness. The calm atmosphere makes me forget why I’m in the city. Too soon I finish my coffee and small escape and I step onto the street to be swept back into the vortex of the city scape.

A Little Bird Told Me
29 Little LaTrobe Street
Melbourne, 3000
T. @littlebrdcoffee


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