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Brother Baba Budan - Espresso Melbourne

Cafe: Brother Baba Budan - Melbourne

I Don't Like Mondays

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Opening Hours:
Monday – Saturday 7am – 5pm
Seven Seeds
Cakes only

Nestled amongst the adventure stores and camera shops on Little Bourke Street is a little pocket of the city I like to call Hipster Town. In a fifty meter radius you’ll find Murmur, Captains Of Industry, The Little Mule Company and, most famously, a pocket-sized gem of a cafe enigmatically called Brother Baba Budan. It’s certainly not new and the coffee cognoscenti are all over it, but on the off-chance you haven’t already been, do yourself a favour and make your way there in an orderly but expeditious fashion.

Brother Baba Budan’s multitudinous fans know one thing for sure; the coffee here is Jackson Pollock’s bollocks. Weekdays are often full of 9-to-5ers enjoying some of the Brother’s amazing coffee goodness under a perplexing canopy of hanging wooden chairs.

Coffee here is a thoroughly Melbourne experience. It’s a creative little space that offers you respite from whatever it is that’s happening out on the street; it’s the cafe equivalent of my safety word. When the nutters at work are winning, I excuse myself and steal away for fifteen minutes of calming solitude amongst the dozens of others avoiding their weekday demons with a cracking cup of coffee.

When all is said and done though, it is indeed the coffee here that counts. In the same vein as its sisters De Clieu and Seven Seeds, Brother Baba Budan’s aim is to impress the pants off you with their coffee. And in that they have no doubt succeeded. Whether you choose to give the daily Clover special your undivided attention or simply swing by for a takeaway latte on the way to The Job, you’ll resent not having worn braces as well as a belt.

Brother Baba Budan
359 Little Bourke Street
Melbourne, 3000
T. 03 9606 0449


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