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Candied Bakery - Espresso Melbourne

Cafe: Candied Bakery - Spotswood

Sugar, Honey, Honey

Candied Bakery Cafe Spotswood View Gallery View Map View Facts
Opening Hours:
Monday, Tuesday – closed;
Wednesday – Saturday 7:30am to 4pm;
Sunday – 8am to 4pm
Espresso Syndicate
Baked goods/ light lunches

West Side Story: Scene 8 (In which Dougie and Kitty meet)

Dougie and his gang of Footscray supporters sit at the bench overlooking their patch down Hudsons Road.

Meanwhile, unbeknownst to each other, Kitty, her brother Gary and assorted mates sit in wood grain chairs at the common table. They sport the blue and white stripes of their southern origins.

Kitty: Wow, those baked goods look a treat. Does anyone want anything?

Gary: I had a glazed fruit bun last time and it was cool. Get a couple for all round?

Kitty: No worries.

Kitty moves across the polished concrete floor to the glass cabinet of delicious baked goods. As she peers through the glass at the treats, her eyes meet the green eyes of another: Dougie is at the other end of the glass counter, similarly spying good things to eat. Time stands still as they fall deeply in love. The sounds of the Dixie tunes playing die away, likewise the rumble of voices around them cease to exist. Kitty takes in Dougie’s dark and smarmy good looks. Dougie stares dreamily at Kitty’s face which glows with the healthy sparkle of a life raised by the beach.

Wait staff: So, have you two made a decision yet?

Kitty and Dougie: I’ll have the zuppa inglese doughnut please. Jinx!

Kitty and Dougie turn and smile at each other.

Wait staff: Anything to drink with that?

Dougie: What coffee have you got on today?

Wait staff: We have a mixed blend from Espresso Syndicate. It is a lovely organic coffee.

Dougie: I’ll have a double espresso.

Kitty: Me too!

Dougie and Kitty shyly take each others hand and walk over to the long, low bench that lines the wall. They lean against the white painted brick and notice the dashes of yellow that are scattered throughout the shop in the sugar bowls, aprons of the staff and the industrial lights. It’s as if glorious sunshine is leaking through a cloud. Soon, small buttercup yellow cups and two scrumptious vanilla doughnuts are placed before them on the little table that opens out. Kitty takes a bite from her doughnut and custard oozes out in a delicious sticky mess. They sip the coffee, which has good crema and is smoky and nutty. Kitty feels the rough texture of Dougie’s palm in her own as her gaze wonders around, taking in the baker’s stand full of ciabatta and sourdough breads, the clean white subway tiles of the kitchen, the La Marzocco coffee machine and menu on the wall with offerings like croque monsieur, egg and bacon pies and marshmallow gingerbread. She looks back into Dougie’s handsome face and longs to reach out and kiss the sugar off his lips. As she is leaning forward, Dougie is suddenly pushed away from her.

Gary: What are you doing, Kitty? Don’t you know who this is? He’s part of that Bulldogs gang. Can’t you see his shirt? We are the greatest team of all, we’re always on the ball.

Kitty: I didn’t see his shirt…I only saw him!

Gary: Just forget it, Kitty – together the two of you would just fight like cats and dogs.

Gary drags Kitty away from Dougie and out the door. She turns back and gazes at the black entrance of the Candied Bakery, its neon sign burning into her retina. Somehow, she’ll return here to be with Dougie…and to get another one of those doughnuts.

Candied Bakery
81a Hudsons Road
Spotswood, 3015
T. 03 9391 1335


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