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Coin Laundry Café, Armadale – Espresso Melbourne Café Review

Cafe: Coin Laundry - Armadale

Do You Have A Dollar?

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Opening Hours:
Daily, 7am to 4pm
Breakfast and lunch
Coin Laundry – two words which conjure up images of a dreary weekend spent waiting an eternity for your washing to dry whilst you attempt to pass the time reading 3 month old trashy mags and avoiding eye contact with the other desperados passing their weekend in the same fashion.

Luckily, if it weren’t for the large sign hanging from the front of the cafe, you would never guess what Coin Laundry had been in its former life. Situated across the road from Armadale train station, the interior is bright and airy and fabulous dark green tiling dominates the room.

Despite being well aware that it was a café and not a laundromat, I must admit I still approached Coin Laundry with some trepidation. You see, since its opening in September 2010, Coin Laundry has been the subject of a large number of glowing reviews. Unfortunately, I have found that this often leads to an interesting phenomenon whereby the wait staff consider it unnecessary to acknowledge your presence or attempt to help you. With a queue of people waiting behind you at the door, grappling for a table, there’s no need to be friendly for goodness sake!!

I was happy to discover this was not the case at Coin Laundry.

We arrived at about 11.30am on Melbourne Cup Day as Armadale locals frantically tried to get coffee/breaky/lunch before the café shut early for the big race. We were offered assistance immediately, added to the waiting list and had a lovely table by the open window within 10 minutes. I was impressed already.

Our coffee order was taken promptly and my boyfriend was delighted to discover “Vietnamese-style” ice coffee on the drinks menu. Both my latte and his ice coffee were excellent. Having accidentally loaded up my first latte with salt I had to try a second one to be sure but, yes, it was very good. Rest assured, if I took the train to work from Armadale I would be drinking coffee from here on a daily basis.

Our breakfast was also delicious. Not being a fan of eggs, I was happy to see some interesting non-egg options on the breaky menu. I chose the house smoked ocean trout with potato croquette, pickled zucchini, beetroot puree and lemon yoghurt. Luckily, the waiter informed me that the dish actually came with a poached egg on top. He suggested avocado instead (at no extra cost), which was an excellent addition to a delicious breakfast. My boyfriend enjoyed caramelised French toast with maple syrup and bacon. He’d wolfed the whole lot down before I had a chance to taste it which I assume means it was also good.

The menu is dominated by breakfast items but there is also a selection of lunch options available after noon (fear not, breaky is still available until 3pm). There are also several specials each day. When we visited, the warm Thai beef salad with Asian herbs and pickled vegies sounded tempting.

Coin Laundry – two words which now conjure up images of a lazy weekend afternoon spent enjoying the sunshine, reading the papers, and sipping a good coffee or two.

Coin Laundry
61 Armadale St
Armadale, 3143
T. 03 9500 1888

  • http://www.cheoyleeriviera.com/ Cheoy Lee

    Honestly, it’s the staff that can make all the difference – a great service just makes the atmosphere, the time you spend there, so much the better. I can see why you were wary though, great reviews often make an establishment *too* sure of itself?

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