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Common Galaxia - Espresso Melbourne

Cafe: Common Galaxia - Seddon

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Common Galaxia Cafe Seddon View Gallery View Map View Facts
Opening Hours:
Monday – closed;
Tuesday – Friday 7:30am to 4pm;
Saturday and Sunday 8am to 4pm
Seven Seeds and guest roasters

How to create a perfectly comfortable café for all (coffee) nerds:

Step 1: Possess a big brother who knows how to punch
Big brother Dead Man Espresso has been idolised in the Melbourne café culture for a while now and is something every nerd needs: someone to watch their back and teach them how to play it cool.

Step 2: Have a really clever name
Ever wondered about the name Common Galaxia? Sounds cool, right? Well the Common Galaxia is… actually, I don’t need to tell you, because you can just pop in, order a take-away coffee and read all about the Common Galaxia on the cup. Yes, in the tradition of all things geeky, Common Galaxia demands that you learn whilst drinking coffee.

Step 3: Geeky fixtures and fittings
This heading is a little misleading. After all, Common Galaxia is very nice inside with a décor reminiscent of Dead Man Espresso – lot’s of sleek, curved wood panelling, polished concrete floors, sexy black shelving hosting glossy copper canisters. I guess what we need to look at are the extra features that scream ‘science lab’ as demonstrated by the following exhibits:

  • honey sold in test tubes
  • a huge black light fitting that descends upon the common table like a UFO in form and menace
  • rocket inspired lights that hang in an assembly line above the counter
  • proteas housed in chemistry bottles
  • a vintage-look laboratory copper basin and taps

Step 4: Techno music
No proper nerd would be without their scientifically produced techno beats to create just the right atmosphere.

Step 5: Star Wars
Likewise, what is a nerd without a star wars figurine close at hand? To my delight, the large terrarium on the table where I sat was a replica of Endor – there was Hans Solo with his gun at the ready and hiding amongst the ferns; R2D2 rock solid and close, as usual, to the insecure C3PO; a storm trooper lurked threateningly; and of course, Chewbacca was there grunting out his displeasure.

Step 6: Brain food
Inquiring minds need wholesome foods full of protein. With items such as Granny ham, pulled ham hock and eggs on the menu, you know your brain will be bursting with ideas. Plus, the food is delicious!

Step 7: Embrace the inner coffee nerd
Being a coffee nerd myself, I was absolutely delighted to come face-to-face with the daily specials board as soon as I walked in. This one didn’t tell me the lunch specials, thank goodness, but rather what coffee was on today:

White coffees – a Seven Seeds Blend
Espresso – Guest roaster Proud Mary with Costa Rica Candelilla
FilterProud Mary

What a treat not to have to seek out the coffee menu. And of course, in true nerd fashion, the coffee was excellent.

Common Galaxia
Shop 3, 130 Victoria St
Seddon, 3011
T. 03 9689 0309


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