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Cup of Truth - Espresso Melbourne

Cafe: Cup of Truth - Melbourne

The Truth

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Opening Hours:
Monday – Friday 6:45am to 3:45pm
Various blends and single origins from guest roasters
Small range of biscuits and slices

Federal Bureau of Investigation
X File
No: X2497198

Field Office Criminal Investigative and Administrative File

Date: 2 February 2013
Copy of Transcript code name: Seek the bean
Interviewer: Asha
Subject: Mr X

Q: We are led to believe that you have found ‘the truth’. Tell me about it?
A: I don’t have to – you can’t make me.

Q: You are required by law to tell me everything you know. So, I’ll repeat again, where did you find ‘the truth?’ (Sound of water dripping.)
A: Okay, okay! It was in the city, somewhere underground…

Q: Where underground?
A: It was like I was heading into the entrails of Melbourne. I went down an alley – Degraves Lane I think it’s called.

Q: Go on.
A: There were stairs leading to a subway. A busker was at the bottom playing a guitar. I gave him a dollar. It seemed the right thing to do. There was art on the walls of the arcade, brightly lit behind glass. Pink tiles covered the walls. I felt part of the underworld.

Q: And the truth?
A: I heard it. Funky music was pumping and I could hear the hiss of the machine.

Q: And?
A: I smelt it. It was drawing me in.

Q: Tell me more.
A: I walked around the bend and found it: the truth. It was never ‘out there’, but rather, ‘in there’. I found it inside a yellow cup with a bird engraved in it. It was cute.

Q: Describe it for me.
A: I remember it so clearly, can taste it still yet. The beans were large, single origin and from Guatemala. La Esperanza – Cup of Excellence #7, it was delectable. It wasn’t around for long. By 10am all the beans were gone. I’m glad I got there early. And there was another, a Brazilian blend from the roasters of Monk Bodhi Dharma. It was fruity and smooth.

Q: Who showed you the truth?
A: A big bloke. Yeah, Courtney was his name. He knows everyone and everything about the bean. He was busy and knew orders before people even asked. His fridge was covered with pictures of his clients’ kids. He told me everything I wanted to know about the beans. You need to speak to him.

Q: And what price did you pay to get the truth?
A: There was a huge coffee mug on the counter. I just put money in and took out my change.

Q: There was no till?
A: I didn’t see one. It seemed they worked on an ideology that people would pay in good faith for their product.

Q: Could you lead me to the truth? It is imperative that I try this truth you talk of.
A: I could try… Now? Do you want to do it now?

Q: Well, it is important to get to the bottom of this as quickly as possible.
(Sound of shuffling, papers been gathered, footsteps and a door closing.)

End of transcript.

Cup of Truth
12 Campbell Arcade, Degraves Lane
Melbourne, 3000
T. 0498 256 786


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