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Fair Foodstore - Espresso Melbourne

Cafe: Fair Foodstore - Richmond

Fairly Bang-on Fare

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Opening Hours:
Tuesday to Friday 7am – 4pm
Saturday and Sunday 8am – 4pm
Wide Open Road

Fair Foodstore is a welcome ray of sunlight in a coffee-barren neighbourhood. Perched on the corner of Church and Somerset Streets, the small space’s simplistic design – bright, light-filled, airy and spacious – makes every visit that little bit uplifting.

The concise menu changes with the seasons but retains stalwart winners like the ‘Shiksa’ pulled BBQ pork and coleslaw bagel and its pescetarian counterpart, the smoked trout bagel with cream cheese and dill. Fair Foodstore’s dishes tend to light and summery with flourishes of originality (devilled eggs; bacon bits and celery salt; puffed grains and purselane). The offerings are simple and it works beautifully – you won’t find a predictable pile of mashed avocado here nor a boring big breakfast ensemble.

From a La Marzocco machine smiley baristas knock out coffee at a consistent pace, swivelling to the right every now and then to pass one out the window to harried passers-by. A notable number of customers are decked in exercise gear but it’s difficult to discern who’s legitimately been sweating a storm at the weekend boxing circuit over the road at Citizens’ Park and who’s just Nikeing for show. I estimate a 40/60 split then chastise myself for being judgemental as I wipe crumbs from my face and lament how quickly I devoured my freshly baked madeleine.

Fair Foodstore specials are always a treat – as the weather cools you might find corn beef hash with onion, poached egg and housemade HP orricotta dumplings with braised cavalo nero, almonds and garlic.

When I visit I like to pluck a newspaper from the bench or a copy of Monocle from the magazine selection and completely tune out. With the perfect coffee made from Wide Open Road beans, fitness freaks in abundance, and colourful macrame dangling from the ceiling it’s difficult not to feel wholly content.

Fair Foodstore
135 Church Street
Richmond, 3121
T. 03 9429 6008


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