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Las Chicas - Espresso Melbourne

Cafe: Las Chicas - Balaclava

Hola Chicas Bonitas

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Opening Hours:
7–5 weekdays and weekends
Allpress Coffee
Breakfast and Lunch

Welcome to Lola Espaïola. Repeat after mí.

#1. Los chicos de Las Chicas hacen muy buen café.
The boys at Las Chicas make beautiful coffee.

Correct. The main thing to understand about the coolest kid on the Balaclava block, is that it’s consistent in everything it does. Consistently impressive, consistently busy and consistently entices me to trek to the other side of town just to say hola.

#2. ¿Cuanto se demorara la comida?
How long will our food be?

An example of something you’d never need to ask at Las Chicas because they’ll straight up tell you when you order how long you might expect to wait. And they won’t shy away from telling you that your meals may arrive separately because of how dockets of a larger group are fed to the kitchen (on my most recent visit we were a table of five).

Some might find their frankness off-putting, perhaps even slightly arrogant, but it means you’re never left wondering and minimises customer moaning. And then when your food arrives in less than fifteen minutes, as was the case with our table, it’s a pleasant surprise.

#3. ¿Que es lo major del menu?
What’s the best thing on the menu?

Las Chicas is what I call a sure thing. You know whatever you order, it’s going to be good. You know if you take an out-of-towner, they’re going to be impressed. You know that if you last time declared the Breaky Burrito (scrambled eggs and bacon wrapped in a tortilla with mashed avocado and tomato salsa) the best thing to ever happen to breakfast, the next time round, it will taste the same, if not better. This kind of consistency is what every café should strive for.

#4. ¿Donde esta Las Chicas?
Where is Las Chicas?

If you don’t already know, eso es muy loco! I propose we suspend today’s lesson and take an immediate field trip to Balacava. ¡Vamos!

Las Chicas
203 Carlisle Street
Balaclava, 3183
T. 03 9531 3699

  • Mishkemp

    Love this review – brilliant!

  • Chris

    The most rudest staff in ALL of Melbourne!!!!!  Great coffee!!  But the attitude is DISGUSTING!

  • Wendy

    A good spot for ‘torist’ who doesn’t know much about Balaclava

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