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Milé - Espresso Melbourne

Cafe: Milé - Melbourne

Welcome To The Working Week

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Opening Hours:
Monday – Wednesday 7am – 5pm,
Thursday & Friday 7am – late
Allpress Espresso
Breakfast & lunch

My day job is in the city, so I’m always on the lookout for decent cafes a short walk from the office. I’ve got the coffee bit sorted: Brother Baba Budan and Sensory Lab are nearby. Alas man can not live on coffee alone, even with the addition of nutrious, life giving milk, so in search of a café that has the whole kit and kaboodle I go.

I see my work local a bit differently to other cafés. Truth is I’m a little more demanding than I am of my weekend haunts. I’m not as pressed for time and I’m happy for them to do a couple of things well and be done with it. Weekday lunch is another matter. Who’s got time to think about what you feel like today, then work out where nearby does it well? Not me. I’ve got a couple of default options and Milé is one of them.

What I like about Milé is that I can turn up undecided and work it out there. Do I feel like a simple yet delicious baguette? Or is today more of a steak with bernaise sauce and some frittes sort of day. Obviously that can’t happen without a little glass of vin rouge. Come to think of it, today I’m feeling more of a pasta vibe…

OK, decisiveness is not one of my strengths, at least not when it comes to food. Which is why I liked those sushi train restaurants that we’re around in the ’90s. Hey look, Unagi! Didn’t realised I wanted some of that until it wizzed passed me on a conveyor belt.

Milé definitely has quite a few tricks up its wizard sleeve. In addition to excellent food, the wine list is the business. If it’s still on the list, try a glass of the Hinton Estate Pinot Noir from Central Otago. Apparently wow now comes by the glass.

All great reasons to put Milé on your list, but for mine it’s the service that I think makes Milé somewhere special. Probably why I recognise many of owner Aleks Dzajkovski’s customers from his previous cafes, Cafe Doppio and Ludo, which he had in partnership with Jim from Demitri’s Feast. Aleks has a knack of making his customers feel special. That’s quite good value for under $20 a head.

So there you have it: Milé is a city cafe with the lot. I just wish the food came around on a conveyor belt.

308 Flinders Lane
Melbourne, 3000
T. 03 9620 7122


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