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Miss Jackson - Espresso Melbourne

Cafe: Miss Jackson - St Kilda (enter Jackson St)

A Design for Life

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Opening Hours:
Tuesday – Sunday 7am – 4pm
Breakfast & lunch

I’m just not myself when I haven’t had coffee in the morning. Put me on Grey St before 9am without caffeine in my veins and it’s sayonara glass-half-full and hello Travis Bickle. So thank god all round for Miss Jackson, that gorgeous oasis just a few steps away from the fray.

Enter through the split-level courtyard and into the café, come face to face with the gleaming coffee machine and you feel the eye twitch start to subside. Order up a long black, stake a claim in a little black vinyl nook and feel yourself start to mellow out in this airy little space.

Allpress coffee is the order of the day here, the Supremo blend (which is created specifically for Melbourne palates). It’s big and gutsy and sets you to right.

Add to that a menu of drooly food like a chunky slab of hazelnut and coconut bread topped with ricotta and sautéed pineapple or potato and leek hash with asparagus and smoked trout and damn it if you’re not starting to feel downright charitable. A little breakfast Bellini doesn’t hurt the cause either.

Take it from me – dip in here for your coffee if you’re feeling on the edge and tempted to do something you might regret. The locals will thank you for it.

Miss Jackson
2/19 Grey St,
St Kilda (enter Jackson St), 3182
T. 03 9534 8415


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