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Cafe: Outpost - South Yarra

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My sister works as a landscape architect for a council somewhere that would take me forever to get to with my severe directionlexia. Out there, not only is she deprived of visits from me, but apparently good coffee too. I think of her every morning when I amble in to Outpost before work and hook myself up to a cold drip.

This oddly shaped little nook of South Yarra is special. You feel like you’ve wandered into someone’s extremely well equipped, homely little kitchen.

The baguettes, giant vegetable tart, muffins and treats on the counter are the first things you see and from there it’s pretty easy to make the decision that Outpost’s outputs are something you want to get around.

St Ali supply the coffee and one of Melbourne’s friendliest, chirpiest, blondest baristas, Janelle, will craft it into a jammin’ cup of joe.

Prices are South Yarra standard but in my opinion, the food is the best in the area. Eggs are consistently poached to perfection, a stunning house-made tomato relish accompanies all egg dishes along with a little sprig of nostalgic alfalfa ($9.50+). It’s these little things – something as simple as ground stone-fruit toast with labnah and honey ($6.50) – that draw me in most mornings and set Outpost that bit above the rest.

The facelift that Outpost’s dining room recently underwent has added enormous kitsch character to the space. It’s unique, pretty and fresh – keeping in theme with the vibe of Outpost I guess.

You know how they say breakfast is the most important meal of the day? Psh! My morning coffee determines the life or death of my daily mood. Hence every morning I dedicate the first and last sip of my exquisite long black to my talented sister, Fifi, who gets through each day on what coffee snobs like to refer to as “s**t coffee”. Out where Fifi works, Outpost’s name might make more sense but I’m more than happy for it to make no sense and stay wedged in this pocket of South Yarra.

9 Yarra St, Australia
South Yarra, 3141


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