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School of 7 Bells - Espresso Melbourne

Cafe: School of 7 Bells - Windsor

Gold on the Ceiling

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Opening Hours:
Monday – Sunday, 7am to 5pm
Artful Dodger Pennybox blend / seasonal
Open for all day breakfast and lunch

BELLS, Seven – Semester 2, 2012

Learning Area – Rating

Visual Arts – A
Performing Arts – B+
Food Technology – B+

Work Habits
Ms Bells has shown a keen desire to demonstrate all her skills in every aspect of the curriculum, although can be a tad cheeky in class.

Visual Arts
Students had the opportunity to experiment with a room and apply a range of skills, techniques and processes to make and present their work. Due to Ms Bells’ previous work at the Artful Dodger, expectations were high. Ms Bells’ finished work shows that she is thinking creatively and is willing to take risks. In her end product, walls and ceiling were painted a burnished gold and Moroccan style over-sized lighting hang above the counter adding to the over-the-top fakery. Ms Bells use of cabinets adorned with pictures incite a Dickensian feel and are inspired. The theme was further reinforced by Ms Bells clever use of vintage children’s books on the shelving, small blackboards hung by hooks to accommodate daily specials, a huge birdcage housing a cute caravan over the cakes and sandwiches and various signs and pictures telling us to “Beware: Pickpockets” in reference to the 1980s South American pickpocket academy. The overall theme was dramatic and gives the impression of sitting somewhere in the Moulin Rouge waiting for the show to begin. Ms Bells has worked with confidence and has shown a demonstrated flair for this subject.

Performing Arts
Seven Bells has responded well to performing arts this semester. Wearing the requisite black costume for its Melbourne audience, she showed flourish by wearing a colourful garland of flowers in her hair. Ms Bells is well aware of her audience members and each one is treated with importance. She goes to great lengths to ensure that the audience is pleased with her performance, which is always at a high standard.

Food Technology
This semester students undertook a variety of lessons involving the art of coffee making and the preparation and presentation of food. Students were expected to write and organise a menu for both beverages and food. Ms Bells earnestly embraced the lessons and exceeded expectations. Her menu was well presented in a folder that was dramatic and tinged with French flair. Food ranged from fresh salads to sandwiches made with stoneground bread and rolls housing delicious ingredients such as pulled pork shoulder. Breakfast was offered all day with enticing names such as ‘Red Velvet Pancakes’. All food was well presented – even the simple French Fries were served on a chopping board in a retro carton and adorned with dipping sauces.

The piece de résistance of Seven Bells grasp of Food Technology was housed in beaten gold and dominated the room – a magnificent lever coffee machine from Italy. This machine was used by Ms Bell for all black coffees and the physical exertion required to operate this machinery was handled well resulting in the single origin bean from El Salvador coming out smooth and delicious with citrus undertones. The taste was highlighted by its presentation in delightful ceramic cups of various circus colours – red, blue, green, orange, navy and purple.


  • Seven Bells, you can take pride in all your achievements this year.
  • Your work habits are strongly developed and are the foundation of your pleasing results.
  • With this commitment, you should experience continued success. Well done Ms Bells!
School of 7 Bells
33-35 Chapel St
Windsor, 3181
T. 03 9521 5535


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