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Seven Seeds - Espresso Melbourne

Cafe: Seven Seeds - Carlton

From St Kilda To Kings Cross

Seven Seeds Café and Coffee Roaster Carlton View Gallery View Map View Facts
Opening Hours:
Monday – Saturday 7am – 5pm
Sunday 8am – 4pm
Seven Seeds
Breakfast & lunch

I’m going through a bit of a “I Love Melbourne” phase at the moment, despite the freezing weather. Normally I’d be all like, “Damn you Melbourne, I know you’re all cultural and stuff, but no one really cares because we can’t feel our hands or feet”.

I find the yelling helps keep me warm. Anywho, I think the reason I’m having romantic feelings for this city is because on my quest to find great cafes, I’m visiting places I wouldn’t normally. Carlton is one of those places I just don’t seem to visit much, but when I do it reminds me of what I came to love about Melbourne when I moved here from Sydney 24 years ago.

Moving here as a 16 year old was not awesome and I was ready to hate the place. It literally took less than a week to win me over. I remember the moment vividly. It was my first trip to Carlton that sealed the deal. 1986 Carlton didn’t feel much like the beachside suburb that I’d left behind in Sydney. People were dressed in coats and gloves, and were more interested in books and music than speedos and schooners. People were meeting in cafes to talk and drink coffee, whereas I had grown up somewhere that resembled a scene from Puberty Blues. It was different and I liked it.

Having a coffee at Seven Seeds brought back all those feelings. I live in East St Kilda and Carlton really does feel different. The rooms seem darker, the people more brooding, everything just a bit moodier. Dare I say it, a little more Melbourne?

I realise that what I like about Seven Seeds won’t ring true for everyone. For most it’s just a cool place to hang out, meet friends, talk and drink some truly amazing coffee. Mark and Bridget have built their monument to specialty coffee and are roasting some amazing single origins and micro-lots. The coffee is certainly worth the drive across town, but I’d happily just go for the Carlton vibe.

Seven Seeds
114 Berkeley St
Carlton, 3053
T. 03 9347 8664

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