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Caffe Vita, New York City

A quaint little space and a chilled NYC vibe, makes this Seattle based company a hit! We stumbled along Vita, while looking for a hearty Soho Sunday breakfast. This place took us by…


Coffee & Kitchen

A little inspiration with this simple, fresh and fun identity for Austrian café Coffee & Kitchen. A simple black and white palette combined with natural brown papers and cardboards work with the interior…


Philz Coffee – San Francisco

Philz Coffee is an iconic institute, in the hub of the mission- San Fran. Phil started out as a grocer, selling coffee, until coffee became high demand, and the rest as they say…


Favela Café by Tadashi Kawamata at Art Basel

At arguably the largest art event in the world, Japanese artist Tadashi Kawamata has occupied the Art Basel messeplatz with a favela, a neighborhood typology widespread in dense areas of Brazil and recognizable…


Revolver – Boutique Coffee House, Seminyak, Bali

More Bali coffee goodness. Down a small lane way in Semiyak is another little coffee gem, Revolver cafe. The standard of coffee is highly rated. An espresso, latte, or cap will hit the…

Illy x Tribeca Film Festival

Illy x Tribeca Film Festival on Vine

Illy has launched a series of 6 vines produced by Academy Award® winner Ryan Silbert in honor of the Tribeca Film Festival. This is one! Don’t know what a Vine is? Well!

Mike Breach Coffee Portraits

A Coffee Artiste

The fine art of coffee portraits. Mike Breach is a New York City barista with some pretty tidy latte art skills. Check out his baristart.tumblr.com for more examples of his work.

Portlandia's Coffee Shop Manifesto

Portlandia’s Coffee Shop Manifesto

“Coffee Shop Manifesto” from Season 3 Episode 7 of US comedy series Portlandia.


Velopresso – Human Powered Espresso

Introducing the pedal powered espresso bike. Hope to see one in Melbourne soon! The Velopresso is an award-winning pedal-powered all-in-one espresso machine, trike and coffee bean grinder. It was produced as graduation project…


It’s Coffee Magic

A short video of some coffee magic by Justin Flom. Neat trick! I think that coffee needed to be disappeared.

Sea Circus Coffee Den Seminyak Bali (5)

Sea Circus – Coffee Den, Seminyak, Bali

With days of endless sunshine and balmy evenings by the pool, Bali certainly can seem a bit like paradise. But, when your thoughts turn to good coffee it’s a whole different story. That…


Le Germain – Paris

When the weather in Melbourne starts to turn really cold, I start fantasising about escaping somewhere warmer. This year I’m hoping to get to Paris.

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