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Sunbeam Cafe Series Espresso Machine EM7000

The All New Sunbeam Café Series Espresso

Sometimes I really can’t be bothered leaving the house, sad I know, but I still need great coffee. So I’ve taken it upon myself to have a look at some of the options…


Tim Wendelboe

Melbourne’s coffee lovers were in for a treat at Market Lane yesterday as Tim Wendelboe shared his extensive knowledge of all things coffee. If you didn’t go, well you really missed out!


Buzzkill – The Movie

Meet Wes Davis, a 33-year old teacher and musician, two trades that rely heavily upon coffee consumption. On Valentine’s Day in 2010, he decided to break up with coffee and see if he…


Rosettas For Relief

Rap v Rosettas. What’s cooler? If you were at Market Lane for Rosettas For Relief to raise money for Japan, the answer was clear. Rosettas rule this city’s streets and lanes.


Morning Coffee

Don’t try this at home! Even though there’s a cat in it. Check out more on Vimeo.


The Craft

A journey to the core of coffee!


Kickstand Brooklyn

I’m not sure why, but bikes and coffee seem to go together. Well thanks to the good people at Springwise trend spotting, here’s a mobile coffee service that’s community minded and environmentally sustainable. Doing good never tasted so fine!


Take Away Art

I love these styrofoam takeaway cups. They are by American artist Cheeming Boey, who draws them directly onto styrofoam takeaway cups with a marker.


World Barista Champion Talks

The recently crowned World Barista Champion, Michael Phillips, talks about how he got into the business and his passion for coffee.

OTTO Stove Top Espresso Maker

A Coffee Machine Called Otto

Kitchen appliances; let’s face it, the ones that work are usually pretty ugly. Which is why I saved my pennies and bought myself an Atomic stovetop espresso machine. Problem is they’re hard to…


How To Improve Your Plunger Coffee

Thanks to Square Mile Coffee Roasters in London for sharing a few tips on how to improve your plunger coffee. Turns out making a great cup of coffee with a plunger is pretty easy. You just need a decent grinder and the added precision that a set of scales offers. They even show you how to minimise the sludge. Nice!


Movie: The Perfect Cappuccino

I thought starting a website dedicated to great cafes was a little obsessive, but you have to hand it to the Americans – they do obsession at an elite level. This a the trailer for a movie about one woman’s search for the perfect cappuccino.

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