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Tim Wendelboe - Espresso Melbourne

Tim Wendelboe

Melbourne’s coffee lovers were in for a treat at Market Lane yesterday as Tim Wendelboe shared his extensive knowledge of all things coffee. If you didn’t go, well you really missed out!

For those not in the know, Tim is highly respected within the coffee industry. He has been World Barista Champion and has a coffee roastery, coffee training centre and espresso bar in Oslo, Norway. It’s called Tim Wendelboe.

Topics of the day included beans from around the world and their characteristics, perfecting the roasting process and various brewing methods (with a healthy dose of Norwegian humour).

This was of course followed by a cacophony of loud slurping during the cupping sessions. Mr Wendelboe himself taking the title in that department as well!

Tim was joined by his Manager and Master Roaster, Tim Varney who helped the day run smoothly. You know, he also manages to produce some very amusing films: take a look at the lighter side of the two Tims in “The Craft”. It’s very good!

Oh, and we took a few photos, check them out!

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