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Caffeination - The Journey Begins - Espresso Melbourne

Caffeination – The Journey Begins

What began as a simple idea to interview some unique coffee roasters in the mid west US, turned into something bigger as more and more roasters kept popping up along the way.

Soon video makers Brandon Davenport and Jesse Meeker realised that what started life as a one shot video was becoming a series. And here it is.

Over the next seven weeks an episode a week will be released.

Episode 0 – Trailer (This one)

Episode 1 – San Francisco, CA 
Blue Bottle, Four Barrel, Ritual, Sight Glass, Graffeo, Carey Bon 

Episode 2 – Portland, OR
Stumptown, Coava, Courier

Episode 3 – Seattle, WA 
Vita, Ladro, La Marzocco 

Episode 4 – Spokane, WA
4Seasons, Tom Sawyer, Coure, Waverlys 

Episode 5 – GREAT WEST – Missoula, MT , Idaho Falls, ID , Cheyenne, WY
Black Coffee Co, Steve and Harrys Coffee, Cheyenne Coffee Co.

Episode 6 – Boulder, CO
Ozo coffee, Dragonfly Roasters, Boxcar 

Episode 7 – Zion Utah / Drive home / Closing statements 
River Rock Roasting 

Oh, and they say they’d like to do a version Australia one day.

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