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The Medium Espro Press - Espresso Melbourne

The Medium Espro Press

Another Kickstarter coffee project. This time for a medium sized version of the Espro Press, a great looking French press coffee maker.

From the Espro Press Kickstarter pitch:

“A Sludge-Free French Press” – Florence Fabricant, New York Times

“It definitely achieves its goal to bring a press-pot cup of coffee without the grit” – Dan Nosowitz, Popular Science

“ESPRO Press, a French Press That Works.” – Charlie Sorrel, Wired

“A Cleaner, Tastier Cup of French Press Coffee in the Morning” – Leslie Horn, Gizmodo

The Perfect Cup Of Coffee…

The perfect, unforgettable cup of coffee. Aromatic, hot, full of body and flavor. Without grittiness or bitterness. You’ve had this cup before, perhaps alone, or with a friend. It inspired your work, your conversation, your relationship. It transported you back to the roaster who crafted it, and to the farmer who nurtured it.

Would you like another cup like that? How about a few!


The Medium Espro® Press Can Make You That Perfect Cup


The Medium 18 oz Espro Press

Our goal is to make you that perfect cup of coffee, in the perfect size, every day.

The Medium Espro Press is a precision coffee brewer, similar to a French press, but with a patent-pending two-stage micro-filter that preserves all the freshly brewed flavors and aromas, while keeping sediment out of your cup.

The Medium Espro Press makes up to 18 oz of coffee – the perfect size for two medium North American mugs, or four European cups. The perfect size for your desk, with a top-up… for your table, with a friend… for your next camping trip… for your café brew bar… for your restaurant table service.

Medium pre-production presses are made, and our next step is production! By being the first to own a MEDIUM 18 oz ESPRO Press, you will save 20-30%, and be part of the team bringing this product to market.

What Stands In The Way Of The Perfect Cup?

The villain in this story is everything that keeps that perfect cup just out of reach.


A typical French press makes gritty coffee, because of its coarse filter and poor edge seal. The nuanced flavors in micro-roasted coffees are lost, clouded by the mud in your cup and on your tongue. Not to mention, every time a glass press breaks, somewhere a coffee bean is over-roasted…

It is difficult to control temperature with pour-overs, because they are completely open. If the brew temperature is too low, coffee becomes sour. Paper filters also remove body and aromatic oils. What would get us out of bed if there wasn’t the smell of brewed coffee in the morning? Well, maybe bacon… But imagine having both!

So, if great coffee is so difficult, why even try? Push button pod coffee has caffeine and requires no effort…

STOP THAT VILLAIN! We believe that the perfect cup is worth it, and achievable.

The Espro Press Makes Great Coffee



The two nested micro-filters work together to block the grinds, and let through only great aromatic coffee. The double lip seal prevents sneaky grinds from sneaking past the micro-filters.”

You can find out more on the Espro Press Kickstarter page.


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