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Krimper - Newly Opened Melbourne Laneway Cafe - Espresso Melbourne

Krimper – Newly Opened Melbourne Laneway Cafe

Krimper Cafe

Krimper is newly opened cafe at 20-24 Guildford Lane, designed and owned by Mun Soon – an architect with a passion for designing food retail spaces.

The space was originally a saw mill, then a cabinet making factory, then an art gallery. To his merit, Mun Soon has left the rawness of the space to speak for itself, keeping the heritage of the space and retaining the elements, even adding an old elevator container as a booth.

In his love for all things architectural and design, he has installed his own long cabinet by the famous Australian cabinet designer, Schulim Krimper (hence the café’s name).

The coffee and food are premium quality, sourced from local producers, organic and prepared by some of the finest pedigree baristas and chefs that Melbourne has to offer.

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