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New. Improved. Now with extra shiny bits. - Espresso Melbourne

New. Improved. Now with extra shiny bits.

Sunbeam launched their all new Café Series espresso machine in Melbourne last Thursday evening. We went along to ACCA to see what the new machine’s all about; oh, and to get some free drinks too!

Acting on user feedback Sunbeam have made a number of improvements over the previous iteration. So it’s not just the new look, which has more than a few nods to automotive design, there are also a number functional improvements, some of which seem pretty cool. Probably the most obvious is the thermometer in the steam nozzle. Now everyone can get their lattes happening just so at home too. Beaudy!

There were barista’s every where and if you look carefully you may notice the odd footballer as well. I should have asked if I should follow his team, but I forgot. Is it a good team?

Photos: Guy Lavoipierre

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