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Nomad: The Go Everywhere Espresso Machine - Espresso Melbourne

Nomad: The Go Everywhere Espresso Machine

Another Kickstarter coffee project is underway. This one is for the Nomad a “revolutionary” portable espresso machine and there are just a few days left if you fancy getting involved.

From the Kickstarter pitch:

“The Nomad™ is a revolutionary portable espresso machine. If you are a coffee lover you’ll love having the Nomad with you wherever you go. It makes the highest quality espresso, and it does this anywhere you have coffee and hot water. The Nomad is clean and green. It needs no electricity, batteries, or high pressure gas cartridges. There are no expensive wasteful coffee pods or capsules to be discarded.

The Nomad Espresso Maker

The Nomad is perfect for everyday use at home in the kitchen or garden. It’s the ideal espresso machine to use at work or in the field. The Nomad is a great companion for your RV, camping, and boating lifestyle. Whether you take it with you fishing, or hunting, or on a business trip the best espresso is right at your finger tips. The possibilities are endless.

The Nomad was inspired by the classic hand operated lever machines which remain the benchmark of quality espresso machines. We simplified and miniaturized the large, complex lever machines and created a portable device that’s very easy to use. The Nomad is the size of a 15 cm cube, weighs 1.1 kg, and requires no electricity. With very little effort the Nomad produces 9 bars of pressure and like the classic lever machines users have direct control over the water temperature, pressure, flow rate, and volume. Skilled coffee hobbyists and experts will enjoy playing with these variables. In addition, The Nomad is equipped with a proprietary True Crema Valve™ which compensates for coarser grounds and tamping variations. When used with the True Crema Valve anyone can make great espresso and coffee without having expensive grinding equipment and extensive training.

Just pack ground coffee, add hot water, and actuate the pump lever.

The following video shows that Nomad pulls great espresso when used without the True Crema Valve. In this way Nomad works like other high quality machines, requiring proper grinding and tamping to make perfect espresso. We use the Nomad prototype without the TCV on a daily basis, with well calibrated grounds out of a commercial Italian grinder or a hand-cranked German mill.

The following video shows, with the True Crema Valve, Nomad makes great espresso even with coarser grounds and imperfect tamping technique. This means that, users can make quality espresso with little effort the very first time they use the Nomad and every time thereafter. The True Crema Valve system is a proprietary technology researched, developed, and perfected by UniTerra Inc. It is not seen in any other espresso machine.


Size 15cm X 15cm X 15cm (approximate)
Water Capacity 300 cc (10 oz.)
Filter Basket Size 50 mm
Weight 1.1 kg (2.5 lbs) (dry)
Pressure 0 – 10 bars
Pressure Gauge Range 0 – 11 bar (0 – 160 psi)
Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

All elements of the Nomad have been implemented in working prototypes and tested thoroughly over the last two years. Literally thousands of shots of espresso have been made during these tests to verify materials, durability, pumps, valves, brew chambers, fluid flow and beverage quality. A complete CAD design by a professional industrial design firm has been completed and refined. From that final design a complete fully functioning prototype has been professionally machined and tested by us daily for months (shown in this video). We are now ready to create tooling and move into production. We have tooling and production quotations from leading contract manufacturing firms. The funds raised from this Kickstarter project will be used to create that tooling and produce the first production run (1,000 units). Based on these quotations and our two year experience with the technology we conservatively estimate 4-6 months from beginning tooling to first production run completion.”

Check it out on Kickstarter.

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