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A Little Bird Told Me Coffee House

A Little Bird Told Me

I adore Melbourne – for its gargoyles perched on their gothic homes watching as I pass; for its hidden underground guarding unexpected delights and its dimly lit alleyways – plastered, tagged and stencilled….


Cup of Truth

Q: We are led to believe that you have found ‘the truth’. Tell me about it? A: I don’t have to – you can’t make me.

Captains of Industry - Melbourne CBD Cafe (40)

Captains of Industry

Barbershop. Shoemaker. Tailor. Café. Step into the light filled space that is Captains of Industry, and get instantly whisked back in time to the charms of old world with a feel of the…


League Of Honest Coffee

No words, just some awesome photos.


Patricia Coffee Brewers

Sometimes when I sit down to write about a cafe I really like, I worry that I’m not going to be able to contain myself and the whole thing is just going to…


Black Coffee Pop Up

For 10 days only, Mark Free from Brother Baba Budan is curating the Black Coffee Popup Shop at the Somewhere Gallery on Little Collins.


Market Lane Coffee at QVM

Queen Victoria Market – Melbourne’s top tourist attraction, apparently – is all things to some people. The fruit and veg are cheap, but not always good. Same goes for the meat and fish….


1000 £ Bend

A strange and interesting cavernous space that felt like a house party I just happened to wander in to, not knowing any of the guests but really enjoying myself regardless…. That’s what I got from 1000 £ Bend.


Sensory Lab

Really, here in Melbourne, we can make a cafe out of anything. Give us a couple of milk crates and a square metre of footpath and we’ll make a cafe out of it….


Little Mule

There was a little Melbourne mule who lived down a lane. It ate cheap, delicious food and it rode a bike and was thus quite an impressive Little Mule.


Brother Baba Budan

Nestled amongst the adventure stores and camera shops on Little Bourke Street is a little pocket of the city I like to call Hipster Town. In a fifty meter radius you’ll find Murmur,…



My day job is in the city, so I’m always on the lookout for decent cafes a short walk from the office. I’ve got the coffee bit sorted: Brother Baba Budan and Sensory…

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