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Fair Foodstore

Fair Foodstore is a welcome ray of sunlight in a coffee-barren neighbourhood. Perched on the corner of Church and Somerset Streets, the small space’s simplistic design – bright, light-filled, airy and spacious – makes…


Place Holder

Place Holder kindly opened so close to the front door of my workplace that it’s pretty much the same distance from my desk as the kitchenette’s coffee machine, with the added benefits of…

Top Paddock Café Richmond

Top Paddock

Congregating for coffee is integral to the Melbourne culture. We all have our favourite local and I know more than a few people who have a list of cafés they ‘must visit’. So…


Coin Laundry

With a queue of people waiting behind you at the door, grappling for a table, there’s no need to be friendly for goodness sake!! I was happy to discover this was not the case at Coin Laundry.



My home ground never used to be so cool. Its claim to fame was the most densely private-school-packed area in the Southern Hemisphere, where by 3pm, every main road corner was spewing over…


Pure Italian

The thing I love most about Pure Italian? That it’s jammed right up next to a Pizza Hut. Oh the irony.



While Willim is small and sunny and slightly genteel in a Malvern sidestreet, Hobba’s more like its renegade cousin who’s just blown back into town after a sketchy, nefarious jaunt overseas.


Cafe Gaia

When we finally visited Café Gaia this weekend it lived up to our first impression. The wait staff are friendly and helpful without a hint of South Yarra snobbery. They seem to be on first name terms with a majority of their customers and the banter between them kept us entertained.


Collective Espresso

Despite the Orwellian aspects of the name, this is by no means a dark and smoky den frequented by bearded Marxists, their earnest partners, and the occasional lost hippy. Not even close.

Axil Coffee Roasters Hawthorn Melbourne (4)

Axil Coffee Roasters

Long before it opened there was Twitter chatter about a new cafe and roaster opening in Hawthorn. Then May finally brought Axil into the world and Hawthorn got a whole lot cooler. And smarter.



Outpost: a station in a remote or sparsely populated location. Sorry Google definitions, I have to disagree. To me, Outpost means perfectly populated, quirky cafe keepin’ it real in a posh part of town.


The Millswyn

There’s nothing quite like being transported back to a happy place in your memory… sometimes it’s a song, a smell, a colour, a cafe…

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