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‘Do you know a good café in Camber-’ ‘Cattivo’. Whenever people ask me for a coffee recommendation in Camberwell, I am always locked and loaded and ready to shoot ‘Cattivo!’ before they’ve got…


Yellow Bird

‘Don’t ask us to turn the music down – we like it this way.’ The hand-scrawled sign is long gone but the message still plays loud and clear at Yellow Bird, where it’s…


Pillar of Salt

I love it when a waiter remembers your coffee order. It makes you feel a little bit loved and a little bit special. And if you’ve got special needs to feel special, like…


Liar Liar

Personality it does have, though not in an out-of-place kind of way. It still has the polish that you would expect of the neighbourhood; rest assured you won’t be sitting on a milk crate. No sir, designer stools all the way for your gentrified butt.



If you’re reading this, you probably suffer from that very specific strand of Melbourne paranoia that manifests itself in the complete inability to walk down a street without twitchily checking out every sidestreet and alleyway as if the Feds are after you. The thing is, for Melburnians, the willingness to venture down every dumpster town of a laneway has become a necessary life skill.


Demitri’s Feast

Seriously. How is it that Melbourne’s Greek restaurants are so rubbish? It’s as if there’s a formula that gets passed around: a little Saganaki here, a little Taramasalata there. Chuck in a couple…

Market Lane Coffee South Yarra

Market Lane Coffee

What drives people is something that fascinates me. What drives Rupert Murdoch, at the age of 79, to maintain his epic workload, when most of us would prefer a cup of herbal tea…


Proud Mary

Sometimes when I visit a cafe, I find it hard to put my finger on exactly what it is that makes it special. Proud Mary is one of those places. From the moment…


The Final Step

Once upon a time, there was bugger all good coffee to be had in this pocket of South Yarra. In fact Coffee Darling was probably the pick of a mediocre bunch and even…

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