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D.O.C. Espresso

Everyone has a preferred reserved-for-lazy-Sunday activity. Mine relies heavily on finding a park around Lygon Street. Once that’s sorted, I beeline for D.O.C. Espresso. And if the Roman gods are smiling on me,…



One morning, struck down with a killer cold, I phoned my boyfriend to come collect me from work (having heroically/idiotically 86ed myself to the office only to be promptly sent home). ‘I’m sick…I…


Code Black Coffee

Code Black’s Coffee Factory Setting the scene: It is black… very, very black. Imagine a big black factory. Imagine even the sign of that factory to be black. As you enter it feels…

Little Henri Cafe Thornbury

Little Henri

Money – whether the root of all evil or the reason to live, fascinates us all. Cheque-ing out Little Henri was a chance to ponder the almighty buck. Perched on a corner block…


Penny Farthing

I knew I was really going to love Penny Farthing when one of the waitresses noticed I was reading Marieke Hardy’s book and engaged me in a conversation about her. As I was there on my own, it was really lovely to have this sort of extended interaction with the wait staff. And then my coffee arrived.



Despite the rave-worthy sandwiches, it is also very important to leave room for dessert. The display cabinet of cakes is filled with yummy homemade items such as brownies and woopie pies. We took home a brioche donut with sour cream and lemon glaze and a lamington. Both were excellent.


Marios Café

It’s hard to imagine a vision of Melbourne when you could actually swing a cat without hitting a coffee house or tattooed barista. But it really wasn’t all that long ago. Case in point: Marios turns 25 this year.


Tre Espresso Bar

What I found was coffee that was presented so well, you stop for a second and just admire what the barista has made for you.


Grigons and Orr

Close your eyes and take yourself back to the days of visiting Gran/Nan/Nonna’s house when you were little… Now picture it with the ol’ duck making killer coffees.


Pope Joan

The coffee here is Allpress, straight up, and it’s a hefty, reliable brew that’ll shake any cloudiness out your head without filling it with the jitters. But it’s the food at Pope Joan that’ll have you moving to a higher plane.


De Clieu

With the sort of fervor usually reserved for the second coming of Christ or the release of the latest Apple iThingy, Twitter let me know that Melbourne’s newest cafe, De Clieu, had opened…


Auction Rooms

I’m reasonably sure that every business strives for excellence, but why is it only some get there? I see plenty who are trying to achieve that elusive state, they do all the right…

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