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As fate would have it, I’m writing this on my iPhone from the south of France. Well not fate exactly; more the fact that I wasn’t organised enough to get it done before I went on holidays. Not the end of the world though; at least I’m plugging away in the sunshine as opposed to shivering in the execrable Melbourne weather.


A Minor Place

If a cafe has any hope of becoming the third place in people’s lives, it’ll need to make us feel comfortable. It’s certainly something I look for in a cafe. I think it’s a big factor in how we come to choose one place over another to become our regular spot.


Three Bags Full

Ever wish that you could take the best bits from your favourite cafes and Frankenstein them into the monster of all cafes? I do. I have coffee favourites and food favourites. Others I…


The Brunswick East Project

Many of you will be aware that things are happening in the world of coffee. Some are calling it The Third Wave. I personally don’t think it needs a name, because I see…

Seven Seeds Café and Coffee Roaster Carlton

Seven Seeds

I’m going through a bit of a “I Love Melbourne” phase at the moment, despite the freezing weather. Normally I’d be all like, “Damn you Melbourne, I know you’re all cultural and stuff, but no one really cares because we can’t feel our hands or feet”.


Mixed Business

One of my best friends, Dave, practically lives across the road from Mixed Business in Clifton Hill, so you’d be right to expect that he was the one that put me onto this…

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