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I don’t live in Prahran, but I sometimes wish I did. Like when I need recycled furniture, or a marvel comic, or a guitar or a sausage roll from 1968. Or when the…


Hawk & Hunter

I was ready to hate Hawk and Hunter. I wanted to. ‘Great big fancy-pants imposter’ I thought every time I’d go past. Those wood-block walls. The chicken-wire sculpture of half a reindeer; come…

Clement Coffee South Melbourne

Clement Coffee

I stride through the labyrinth of market stalls, each seeking my attention, but I am not persuaded by the bright and shiny colours of their wares. There is but one place I need…


School of 7 Bells

Ms Bells has shown a keen desire to demonstrate all her skills in every aspect of the curriculum, although can be a tad cheeky in class. Students had the opportunity to experiment



Fitzrovia has managed to brilliantly bridge the gap between cafe and restaurant. This collaboration between chef Paul Jewson and his long time partner Marco Pugnalioni combines excellent front of house service with a spectacular menu.


Salford Lads Club

I’ve no doubt every Smiths fan in Melbourne’s ears pricked up when word spread of a new cafe called Salford Lads Club. (There’s a memorable album shot of the band posing outside its…


Las Chicas

In this bustling bit of Balaclava, the Bikini Blowout Benedict beckons… along with other alliterated deliciousness.


Miss Jackson

I’m just not myself when I haven’t had coffee in the morning. Put me on Grey St before 9am without caffeine in my veins and it’s sayonara glass-half-full and hello Travis Bickle. So…


Omar and the Marvellous Coffee Bird

One of the things we wanted to achieve with Espresso Melbourne was to find and champion great suburban cafes. If you live in the inner city, you’re likely spoilt for choice and paying…


St Ali

If you live in Melbourne and have had a cup of coffee, seen a cup of coffee or stood next to someone holding a cup of coffee, you will have heard of St Ali. It is a major coffee temple. And rightfully so.


Freestyle Espresso

Sprawling South Melbourne is a hotbed of third wave coffee spots, but there’s a new kid on the block who’s keeping it refreshingly simple.


Dukes Coffee Roasters

Typically the places we feature fall into three broad categories: coffee temple; gastro cafe or cracking all rounder. Which makes Dukes a tough pigeon to hole. By rights it should be a specialist coffee cafe. They are called Dukes Coffee Roasters after all and there’s no doubting that the coffee is excellent.

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