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Batch is my local. During the six or so years that it’s been open, I’ve visited more days than not, thanks to the fact that it’s a short stroll from my home but more importantly beacuse the coffee is quite frankly awesome.


Park Lane

If I tried to convince you that there was a shortage of decent cafes in South Melbourne you’d be like, no way, what about St Ali and Dead Man? Agree, the city end…


The Little Ox

As a rule, I generally try avoid to Brighton; it’s just not my thing. Too many faux blonds, too much plastic surgery, too many X5′s and not a decent cafe in the entire…


Dr Jekyll

Ever wished your local was just a little more… real? Real in the sense that all you truly want is somewhere nice to sit while you drink a great coffee and scan the…

Dead Man Espresso South Melbourne

Dead Man Espresso

No doubt you know the feeling: everybody is raving about a film, telling you it’s the best thing ever and you MUST see it. And the whole time you’re wishing people would stop…


Monk Bodhi Dharma

What would you say if I told you that there was a new cafe on Carlisle Street serving vegetarian food that was named after the Indian monk who introduced Zen Buddhism to China? You’d be like wow, sounds heavy man.

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