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Candied Bakery Cafe Spotswood

Candied Bakery

West Side Story: Scene 8 (In which Dougie and Kitty meet) Dougie and his gang of Footscray supporters sit at the bench overlooking their patch down Hudsons Road. Meanwhile, unbeknownst to each other,…

Common Galaxia Cafe Seddon

Common Galaxia

How to create a perfectly comfortable café for all (coffee) nerds: Step 1: Possess a big brother who knows how to punch Big brother Dead Man Espresso has been idolised in the Melbourne…


Famous Blue Raincoat

Have you ever wanted to disappear? Just bodyswerve everyone and everything you know and slip away to a little oasis where no one will find you?


The Premises

One of the best by-products of Melbourne’s endless café boom is that you become a tourist in your own city. You follow the coffee aroma smoke signals to some nuggetty little pocket of…



It’s not the first time we’ve said it, but it bears repeating; it ain’t easy finding good cafes in the west. There is, however, one place that we constantly get referred to by…


Duchess Of Spotswood

Dear hospitality people, why hath thou forsaken the west? Espresso Melbourne recently decided to go west (this is not a euphemism) in search of the area’s best cafes. It’s fair to say we…

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