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Monday – Friday, 8am – 4pm; Sat, 9am – 3pm
Five Senses
Breakfast & lunch

As fate would have it, I’m writing this on my iPhone from the south of France. Well not fate exactly; more the fact that I wasn’t organised enough to get it done before I went on holidays. Not the end of the world though; at least I’m plugging away in the sunshine as opposed to shivering in the execrable Melbourne weather.

What is the end of the world however, is the coffee in France. Plenty of cafes here use UHT milk. Are you mental? As we say here, c’est la merde! So this morning I decided that I’d had enough and took the thirty minute train ride to Italy to get myself a decent coffee. Turned out to be a fun little adventure, but you wouldn’t want to have to do it everyday.

Which brings me to the lovely people at Nabiha. They were faced with a similar dilemma. In their neighbourhood of Moonee Ponds, there was little in the way of decent coffee, so they spent their weekends crossing town in search of the good stuff. Suffice to say they grew tired of this, so they decided to do something about it. They opened Nabiha so that the locals could get some simple yet tasty things to eat accompanied by an outstanding coffee. Which is precisely what the area needed. In fact there are plenty of suburbs that could use a similar recipe: good food, good coffee in a nice environment. Surely that’s not so hard?

So there you have it; Moonee Ponds now has better coffee than St Tropez. In fact, Moonee Ponds has better coffee than anywhere in France. Good thing I didn’t come for the coffee.

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10 Hall S
Moonee Ponds, 3039
T. 0400 937 418


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