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Opening Hours:
Monday–Saturday, 7am–4pm
Five Senses
Breakfast & lunch

If I tried to convince you that there was a shortage of decent cafes in South Melbourne you’d be like, no way, what about St Ali and Dead Man? Agree, the city end of South Melbourne has a couple of crackers. The lake end, however is without exception, a wasteland.

Not so long ago I worked on Albert Road overlooking Albert Park Lake. Great view, but God help you if you wanted to brace yourself for the day with something other than brown dishwasher. My daily ritual was to either stop on the way to work or go a reasonably long way out of my way to have coffee at St Ali. Ocassionally, if I was running late, I’d have to endure the swill from the local hepititus vendor. It certainly worked well as a motivator to be on time. Thankfully Harry Humphries has opened Park Lane to save locals from such horrors.

Tucked into tiny premises in the no man’s land of Clarendon Street, Harry is delivering just what the neighbourhood ordered; simple, delicious food and smashing coffee. Certainly doesn’t sound that hard, but he has suceeded where others have failed. The key here is that he’s kept it simple. Buy the best produce and let it do its thing.

One of the other things that we love about Park Lane is the music. A DJ by trade, Harry has a huge collection of latin, soul & funk vinyl, so you can expect an ecclectic soundtrack to accompany your visit.

Should you find yourself down the lake end of Clarendon Street, do yourself a favour and pay Harry a visit.

Park Lane
387 Clarendon St
South Melbourne, 3205
T. 0435 508 583

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    nice photos. (coffee) The good coffee is rarity.

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