Cafés That Rock

D.O.C. Espresso

Everyone has a preferred reserved-for-lazy-Sunday activity. Mine relies heavily on finding a park around Lygon Street. Once that’s sorted, I beeline for D.O.C. Espresso. And if the Roman gods are smiling on me,…



One morning, struck down with a killer cold, I phoned my boyfriend to come collect me from work (having heroically/idiotically 86ed myself to the office only to be promptly sent home). ‘I’m sick…I…


Place Holder

Place Holder kindly opened so close to the front door of my workplace that it’s pretty much the same distance from my desk as the kitchenette’s coffee machine, with the added benefits of…


Hawk & Hunter

I was ready to hate Hawk and Hunter. I wanted to. ‘Great big fancy-pants imposter’ I thought every time I’d go past. Those wood-block walls. The chicken-wire sculpture of half a reindeer; come…

Top Paddock Café Richmond

Top Paddock

Congregating for coffee is integral to the Melbourne culture. We all have our favourite local and I know more than a few people who have a list of cafés they ‘must visit’. So…

A Little Bird Told Me Coffee House

A Little Bird Told Me

I adore Melbourne – for its gargoyles perched on their gothic homes watching as I pass; for its hidden underground guarding unexpected delights and its dimly lit alleyways – plastered, tagged and stencilled….


Code Black Coffee

Code Black’s Coffee Factory Setting the scene: It is black… very, very black. Imagine a big black factory. Imagine even the sign of that factory to be black. As you enter it feels…

Little Henri Cafe Thornbury

Little Henri

Money – whether the root of all evil or the reason to live, fascinates us all. Cheque-ing out Little Henri was a chance to ponder the almighty buck. Perched on a corner block…

Candied Bakery Cafe Spotswood

Candied Bakery

West Side Story: Scene 8 (In which Dougie and Kitty meet) Dougie and his gang of Footscray supporters sit at the bench overlooking their patch down Hudsons Road. Meanwhile, unbeknownst to each other,…

Common Galaxia Cafe Seddon

Common Galaxia

How to create a perfectly comfortable café for all (coffee) nerds: Step 1: Possess a big brother who knows how to punch Big brother Dead Man Espresso has been idolised in the Melbourne…

Clement Coffee South Melbourne

Clement Coffee

I stride through the labyrinth of market stalls, each seeking my attention, but I am not persuaded by the bright and shiny colours of their wares. There is but one place I need…


School of 7 Bells

Ms Bells has shown a keen desire to demonstrate all her skills in every aspect of the curriculum, although can be a tad cheeky in class. Students had the opportunity to experiment

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