South Melbourne
Clement Coffee South Melbourne

Clement Coffee

I stride through the labyrinth of market stalls, each seeking my attention, but I am not persuaded by the bright and shiny colours of their wares. There is but one place I need…


St Ali

If you live in Melbourne and have had a cup of coffee, seen a cup of coffee or stood next to someone holding a cup of coffee, you will have heard of St Ali. It is a major coffee temple. And rightfully so.


Freestyle Espresso

Sprawling South Melbourne is a hotbed of third wave coffee spots, but there’s a new kid on the block who’s keeping it refreshingly simple.


Park Lane

If I tried to convince you that there was a shortage of decent cafes in South Melbourne you’d be like, no way, what about St Ali and Dead Man? Agree, the city end…

Dead Man Espresso South Melbourne

Dead Man Espresso

No doubt you know the feeling: everybody is raving about a film, telling you it’s the best thing ever and you MUST see it. And the whole time you’re wishing people would stop…

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