South Yarra

Cafe Gaia

When we finally visited Café Gaia this weekend it lived up to our first impression. The wait staff are friendly and helpful without a hint of South Yarra snobbery. They seem to be on first name terms with a majority of their customers and the banter between them kept us entertained.



Outpost: a station in a remote or sparsely populated location. Sorry Google definitions, I have to disagree. To me, Outpost means perfectly populated, quirky cafe keepin’ it real in a posh part of town.


The Millswyn

There’s nothing quite like being transported back to a happy place in your memory… sometimes it’s a song, a smell, a colour, a cafe…

Market Lane Coffee South Yarra

Market Lane Coffee

What drives people is something that fascinates me. What drives Rupert Murdoch, at the age of 79, to maintain his epic workload, when most of us would prefer a cup of herbal tea…


The Final Step

Once upon a time, there was bugger all good coffee to be had in this pocket of South Yarra. In fact Coffee Darling was probably the pick of a mediocre bunch and even…

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