I don’t live in Prahran, but I sometimes wish I did. Like when I need recycled furniture, or a marvel comic, or a guitar or a sausage roll from 1968. Or when the…


School of 7 Bells

Ms Bells has shown a keen desire to demonstrate all her skills in every aspect of the curriculum, although can be a tad cheeky in class. Students had the opportunity to experiment


Yellow Bird

‘Don’t ask us to turn the music down – we like it this way.’ The hand-scrawled sign is long gone but the message still plays loud and clear at Yellow Bird, where it’s…


Dukes Coffee Roasters

Typically the places we feature fall into three broad categories: coffee temple; gastro cafe or cracking all rounder. Which makes Dukes a tough pigeon to hole. By rights it should be a specialist coffee cafe. They are called Dukes Coffee Roasters after all and there’s no doubting that the coffee is excellent.

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