Patricia Coffee Brewers

More Than A Feeling

Words by Jerome Lebel-Jones
Pictures by Guy Lavoipierre

Sometimes when I sit down to write about a cafe I really like, I worry that I’m not going to be able to contain myself and the whole thing is just going to descend into a fawning ramble. So today I’m going to try something different; despite Patricia being my favourite CBD cafe, I will present the facts in a fair and balanced way.

But we need to begin at the beginning, so let’s talk about why I have a such a huge boner for Patricia Coffee Brewers. Well for a start, the coffee is frickin’ amazing. Best in the CBD? I’ll let others argue about that, but rest assured they will be included in the argument.

If all you want is a great cup of coffee, there’s a number of places in the CBD that tick that box. The fact that Patricia has made a name for itself in just a few months surrounded by the likes of Brother Baba Budan, The League of Honest Coffee, Naked Espresso and Sensory Lab tells me that there’s more to the story than just a cracking cuppa.

For me, it’s the obsessive attention to detail that makes Patricia Coffee Brewers. Everywhere you turn in the tiny space you can see evidence of proprietor Bowen Holden’s obsession. Whether it’s the handmade brass hooks on the wall, searching for the right supplier for the old-school pink glazed donuts or the beautiful wood and marble bar, everything is just so. What is prosaic elsewhere feels special here. Precisely why Patricia is my favourite place to sidle up to the bar, enjoy a great coffee and shoot the breeze.

Now in the interests of presenting a balanced view, I’m going to point out a couple of not so fabulous things about Patricia Coffee Brewers:

1. Barista Pip Heath loves to play over-produced, 1980′s power ballads while punters are trying to enjoy their coffee. Expect renal failure or impotence.

2. If you and a colleague turn up wearing snappy tangerine and amethyst polo tops, you can expect some fairly hurtful comments about your resemblance to The Wiggles.

Fair and balanced.

Words by Jerome Lebel-Jones
Pictures by Guy Lavoipierre
Originally published 3 April, 2012

Patricia Coffee Brewers
Corner Little Bourke and Little William Streets
Melbourne, Victoria 3000
T. 03 9642 2237

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