Code Black

Paint it Black

Words by Amanda Hooper-Duffy
Pictures by Guy Lavoipierre

Code Black’s Coffee Factory

Setting the scene:
It is black… very, very black. Imagine a big black factory. Imagine even the sign of that factory to be black. As you enter it feels like walking into a safe haven where you are enveloped by the absence of everything. You look up: the ceiling and fans are black. You look down: the floors are dark polished concrete. You take a seat: on a black chair of course, at a black table. You know instinctively you are in Melbourne where black and coffee are synonymous with style.

Behind every great factory…
…is the quirky and black mind of a genius. From the man who bought you Cafenatics, Code Black does not fail to delight and thrill. From the red orchids housed in brown bottles, to the tables ensconced in steel beams and the coffee that makes you want to have another cup, Code Black reminds one of everyday delights.

Main Characters:
Workers full of passion and knowledgeable about the bean…

Crazy and Funky Machinery:
Like all good things, Code Black has an abundance of amazing gadgets like La Marzocco espresso machines and immense coffee roasters. Best of all, you can indulge in your every curiosity as to the whys and where hows of the coffee and cooking processes. Generously proportioned glass windows from the seating area look onto the kitchen from one side and to the warehouse on the other where the coffee is stored and roasted. It’s voyeurism at its very best for all coffee enthusiasts.

The discovery of new tasting marvels:
Here, where they are roasting and inventing all sorts of luscious beverages in a marvellous factory setting, is a place where you know you’re about to have something special. On recommendation, I had a long mac single origin Kenya Mugaya. It was smooth like honey with black currant undertones and a hint of peach. Like all good factories, you can buy direct from a wonderfully vast shelving display on your way out. Housing all the coffee beans, teas and assorted extras one is bound to let the eye do a bit of wandering over the collection. One bag of Kenya Mugaya to go, thanks.

A fitting ending
Let us close this chapter with one of those endings that is not really an ending at all, but indeed the rather obvious opening to a blockbuster sequel. And then…

Words by Amanda Hooper-Duffy
Pictures by Guy Lavoipierre
Originally published 3 May, 2013

Code Black Coffee 
15-17 Weston Street
Brunswick, Victoria 3056
T. 03 9381 2330

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