How to keep your indoor plants Alive

Words by Olivia Finlayson
Pictures by Guy Lavoipierre

HANNAH are the folks to speak to if you ever need advice on how to keep your indoor plants not only alive but thriving. Sitting sun-drenched in the front window I count at least 20 pots of greenery hanging lush and languid throughout the space. Our Man in Havana springs to mind, and the smell of fresh coffee fills the air.

Leaves and ferns are the perfect accents to the space’s black-topped tables and low, round stools that would be entirely at home in the lobby of a Palm Springs hotel on Route 66, not to mention the weathered editions of National Graphic, and old-school yet functioning record player and vintage Rotel amplifier chilling behind the counter. Light timber and an abundance of bulbous white lanterns only further emphasise the distinct ‘tropical holiday’ aesthetic, particularly when the morning sun peers over St Kilda police station opposite and floods HANNAH with its golden glow.

Fittingly, menu items reflect the ‘from where you’d rather be’ vibe (mango or banana lassis!) and help me trick myself into thinking we’re drifting towards rather than away from the warmth and comfort of summer. A club sandwich with chicken, bacon, egg, lettuce and tomato nails the brief. And daily specials such as tea garden brioche French toast with Earl Grey panna cotta, green tea moss, chocolate soil, Thai milk tea anglaise, fresh strawberries and espresso mascarpone demonstrate the kitchen’s creativity and bold sense of adventure.

Hannah pours Proud Mary coffee, offering single origin and filter in addition to an extensive selection of teas and particularly well-made chai. However, if it’s especially sunny out and HANNAH’s doing a solid job of lending your day the lightness and joy of holiday brain, perhaps it’d make more sense to opt for coconut water sipped fresh from the coconut, or better yet, a refreshing mimosa offered at the truly vintage price of $5.

Words by Olivia Finlayson
Pictures by Guy Lavoipierre

141 Chapel Street, St Kilda
T. 03 9534 4442
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