My Name is Zac

I make unusual coffee pour over stands.

“My Name is” video project – Episode 3

“My Name is …” focuses on local creative individuals that are passionate about their craft and humble about their talents in a series of video portraits created by Tessa Mansfield-Hung. In this episode we meet Zac Tuckett who designs and manufactures custom specialty coffee equipment, including pourover stands and cold drip set ups, in Melbourne under the business Six Impossible Things.

Zac’s introduction to coffee was through cold drip coffee, which he ordered mostly due to the intriguing device and brewing process, from here his fascination of the glassware and structure that supported it only grew. Simultaneously Zac had also begun entertaining his longstanding interest in skulls through making jewelry from a range of organic materials.

“I had become so interested in brewing coffees that I would wake up especially early so that I could brew a few coffees, thoroughly enjoying the morning ritual of playing café before having to leave for work.”

This led to Zac combining hobbies and his first pour-over stand was created, a three-vessel station incorporating a deer jaw for holding his cold dripper. At the beginning the stands were just for his personal use, having pourover coffee flowing through cows skulls, dripping through the jaws of a crocodile all in his own home.

“I had surpassed coffee laboratory and entered a mad coffee scientist phase.”

Zac’s eclectic style caught fast attention on Instagram and he needed a name to put to all his work, a name that would fit the craziness of what he thought to be possible. Lewis Carroll provided such a name in a quote from the Red Queen “Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.”

Zac has now made stands for an abundance of home brewers, as well as for local cafes including Naked Espresso, Oli and Levi and Locale Espresso who used the stands in the Lavazza marquee on Stakes day at the Melbourne races last year.

Produced/Directed/Shot/Edited by Tessa Mansfield-Hung –
End Credits/Titles by Emmett Redding –
Sethanon by The Laughing Leaves –
Slow Light by Moby

Find Tessa on instagram at @tessamansfieldhung
Find Zac on instagram at @six_impossiblethings

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